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Sons of Confederate Veterans

Online store dedicated to providing our members and the public with the best Confederate merchandise on the market with proceeds supporting our Confederate ancestors' memory.

Logo Sales and Shipping Expectations

The SCV Logo merchandise and SCV supply items on this online store are for sale to current dues paying SCV Members ONLY.  All Non-SCV Logo/supply items are available to the general public.

Where required, SCV membership will be verified prior to shipping by SCV General Headquarters.

If you need to contact SCV Headquarters about your order, you can email us at mktadm@scv.org, or Call toll-Free (800) 380-1896, ext 205.

If products are defective or incorrect in any way, the SCV will refund 100% of your payment.  Due to the nature of our business operations, please expect up to 3 weeks for delivery of your order. Merchandise usually ships by USPS or UPS Ground.

The SCV Store

Honoring our ancestors through Confederate Merchandise

Historical Confederate Flags

based upon original flags our ancestors carried into battle

High Quality Merchandise

because you deserve the best while serving our ancestors


So that you will speak the truth with confidence

National Confederate History and Heritage Month