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3rd National Flag

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This is a faithfully reproduced 3rd National Flag of the Confederacy as originally adopted to replace the "Stainless Banner" on 4 March 1865 (four years to the date of the 1st National). This was also reverently called the "Last National," "Blood Stained Banner," and also the "Current National" Flag. It is a 2nd National Flag with a red vertical bar on the end to reduce confusion as to whether it was a flag of parlay, truce, or surrender.

Options are:

Standard 3'x5' polyester with 2 grommets.

Large 5'x7.5' G-Spec super polyester with 3 grommets and 4 rows of stitching on the end for long life outdoor wear. Picture of flag flying is the 5'x7.5' flag flying at Elm Springs.