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Books, Good Ol’ Southern Home Cookin’: By Michael Andrew Grissom

Books, Good Ol’ Southern Home Cookin’: By Michael Andrew Grissom

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Not too many lifetimes ago, people fondly spoke of something called a “southern culture”. Today, it is virtually extinct. Our icons have been removed, our music has been banned and our days of remembrance have vanished. About the only thing left us is our famous reputation for fine cooking. Oddly enough, this comparatively lesser feature of the Southern culture is the very one that has survived somewhat intact. Amazingly, even our detractors still dine at our table, which in itself, tells us something about what we have to offer down here in Dixie. And so it is to those who continue clinging to this peculiar facet of our culture that I offer this little cookbook.

Some of my recipes come from my own community, where I’ve had years of opportunity to sample and select from the very best. Finally, realizing that many young folks in the South are now growing up as ignorant in the ways of Southern cooking as they are in the history of our region, this book gives detailed instruction in preparing some of our basic Southern foods that older cooks can prepare with ease, with no recipe at hand. How to fry okra, fry chicken, make cornbread in an iron skillet -- that’s what the young cook will find in these pages.

So, here’s to good eating. And, by the way, dinner is the noon meal in the South. Supper is the evening meal.